It can always be a struggle to choose the perfect seats for a theatre show, and if you are thinking about buying tickets to see Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre which is located on Charing Cross Road, minutes from Tottenham Court Road tube station and its array of Tottenham Court Road hotels, then a good indication of how good the seat and view will be, is the price. Generally a high-priced ticket will offer the best views, and the cheapest ticket may present restricted or inferior views. The ticket price does not, however, tell you the details of your seat, including legroom and what exactly will be restricting you view. There are some seats at the Phoenix Theatre which are slightly cheaper than top-priced, but offer just as great a view.

The back few rows of the Stalls have the top of the stage slightly cut off due to the overhang of the Dress Circle, but sitting here will still offer good views and they have the bonus of being much cheaper than seats near the front of the stage.

Dress Circle seats are often cheaper than Stalls, and the front of the Circle presents brilliant views and feels surprisingly close to the stage. The front row of the Upper Circle is cheaper than the Dress Circle, and these seats also feel pleasantly close to the stage, although there is little legroom.

Careful consideration must go into buying theatre tickets as it can be a difficult task if you are unsure of the layout of the theatre and which seats have less legroom and restricted views. A Phoenix Theatre seating plan will help you with making your decision, and the seats mentioned here are well worth contemplating to make your experience at the Phoenix one you will not forget, for good reasons!