After watching a show at the theatre, it is exciting to try to meet the performers afterwards if you particularly enjoyed a show, of if a certain celebrity is performing there who you would like to speak to. It is usually easy to meet the actors at the stage door, as there is only one way for them to exit, and if they are friendly, which most of them are, then they will happily stop to sign autographs, take photographs with fans and have a short chat before making their way home.

At the Adelphi Theatre, the stage door is located behind the theatre on Maiden Lane. To get to the door from the theatre, turn right on exiting towards Charing Cross, until you see Bedford Street on the right. Walk down this street for a little while until you come to Maiden Lane on your right. If you walk up a bit you will come to the rear of the Adelphi Theatre, and the stage door. If you are still unsure of directions once you get to the theatre, then one of the lobby staff will be happy to point the way.

If you are waiting for a big name, then usually barriers are put up around the stage door so that fans and theatregoers can line up to each meet the celebrity. Most of them will sign everyone’s tickets and programmes of the show, and if there is sufficient time, they will try to take photographs as well. Sometimes performers can take up to 45 minutes to exit the theatre once the show ends, so if you plan to catch a certain train, waiting at the stage door may not work for you. However, some performers exit almost straight away, especially the less famous ones.

The cast of the musical sequel to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Love Never Dies’, at the Adelphi Theatre includes Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom, Sierra Boggess as Christina Daaé and Raoul as Joseph Millson. If you wish to meet them after the show then follow the directions to the stage door and hopefully you should be greeted by the smiling faces of the performers.