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Family Hotels in London

Living in central London, kids are such a rare sight that it’s easy to forget they exist. Bar the odd aberration like Hamley’s, all the shops and restaurants cater pretty much exclusively to a 16+ demographic. During the school holidays though, it’s a time-honoured tradition for kids from all over More >

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Best Restaurants Near Baker Street – Canteen

Perhaps it was because we came in from freezing rain and hail, but Baker Street’s Canteen initially had a Nordic sort of feel to it. There was a hushed, warm, slightly retro feel to the décor and low lighting that put me in mind of something like Let the Right More >


Best Breakfast in Angel – The Rosemary Branch

If I had known that London was going to endure its coldest winter for one hundred years, with freezing cold temperatures suddenly arriving two months early, I would have done two things. A) I would have booked a hotel that served breakfast rather than apartments which did not, and B) More >

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Best Breakfast in Shoreditch – The Book Club

On a decidedly wintry morning, Shoreditch’s The Book Club at first seemed like more of a summer place. It’s an airy, spacious couple of rooms with high ceilings, wooden floors, and huge windows looking out on to Leonard Street. Its exposed pipes and bare brick are decidedly post-industrial, and not More >

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Best London Hotels 2011

A mandatory end-of-year list! As it’s my first, I’m not going to ignore the classics. I’m not ashamed to say that I prefer the Lanesborough to your trendy “Shoreditch” hotels where guests sleep on locally-sourced mashed swede and shower in Goji berry juice. There I go again. Actually, Shoreditch has less More >

Bernie Ecclestone Got Mugged

Safety Tips for Visiting London

Tiny racing car billionaire Bernie Ecclestone was showing off a fresh black eye almost the size of his head last week, after he and his girlfriend Fabiana Flosi were the subject of a violent mugging that relieved the couple of £20,000 worth of jewellery and briefly sent Ecclestone to hospital. More >


A Westminster Wedding

Unsurprisingly, the Tube Hotels blog is extremely popular with foreign dignitaries, royalty, celebrities and aristocrats. Since these people will fill the majority of the pews at the April wedding of William Windsor and Kate Middleton, we thought it would be nice to offer a little guide to Westminster Abbey and More >

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London’s Six Star Hotel: The Wellesley

If preliminary reports are to be trusted, it’s looking like London may soon join the likes of Dubai in not only the quantity but the quality of its top hotels. New hotels have been coming down the pipeline thick and fast in anticipation of the London Olympics in 2012, and More >

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The Best Breakfast Under London Bridge

Greasy spoon cafes are plentiful in London, but it’s always a pleasure to find one that really makes an impression. It’s easy for exotic locales like Norfolk or the Peak District to deliver a characterful breakfast experience with their crazy accents and bacon made on the premises, but economical city More >

Selfridges Food Hall

London’s Finest Food Halls

For those of us nurturing a healthy obsession with food, moving to London can sometimes entail a surprising sense of loss. There are more exciting restaurants and concept-driven cafes than you could visit in a lifetime, but it comes at a price. Locally-produced food made by real artisans can often More >