If your question is not listed below, please refer to http://www.tubehotels.com/affiliates.html where you should find answers, for any questions that you can’t find answers for please add a comment below and we will email you the answer.

Q. Can I get a list of all TubeHotels pages and banners for my site

A. Yes we have a list of all the pages you can link as well as various banners on the TubeHotels affiliate blog. http://www.tubehotels.com/blog/affiliates/banners/

Q. How many sales will I make

A. Our conversion rate depends on the quality of traffic that is sent across, the TubeHotels site converts at 4.5%, this is very good as the average travel industry conversion rate is 1.5%.

Q. How do I track my referrals and sales

A. We have built an in house tracking system which allows you to view all referrals, searches and sales in real time, this can be accessed by siging into the TubeHotels back office

Q. LateRooms pay me 5% commission on bookings, why should I change to TubeHotels who pay 3%.

A. LateRooms are a great company, this is why we include them on our site. We also compare 8 other companies and we sell lots of hotels through them also. Comparing 9 hotel companies gives:

  1. More hotels to choose from
  2. More availabilty on required hotels
  3. More prices on hotels, getting the user the best price available
  4. More bookings for your site. The TubeHotels site converts at 4.5%, beating the average travel industry conversion rate of 1.5%.
  5. All LateRooms hotels are included in our searches.
  6. Location based search and map. The user can see exactly where they will be staying and also how far they are from the nearest Tube station.