About TubeHotels

First launched on the 25th May 2006, TubeHotels helps you to find hotels in London using London Underground stations as reference points. The first site was pretty basic and we have just completed the second version using advanced Web 2.0 technology.

TubeHotels Version 2 was launched on 18th July 2007. The new advanced site shows all London hotels on an interactive map and compares hotel prices to find you the best hotel room discounts. You can then book online with several leading hotel reservations companies.

We hope that you find TubeHotels a simple, effective and enjoyable way to find a London hotel. If you want to go somewhere else in the world, take a look at our sister site www.SubwayHotels.com for hotels near subway and metro stations in Paris, Berlin and Madrid!

Contact Us

Our office address is 35 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA. Telephone 020 7183 7183.

Get in touch with us at team@tubehotels.com